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Failed to pay back taxes to the IRS or State?

The IRS will apply penalties and interest to the taxes owed which will increase the tax liability substantially. Penalties and interests can quickly surmount the original tax liability and spiral out of control.

If tax liabilities are still not paid, the IRS will put a lien on your properties, seize your assets, put a levy on your wages and bank accounts.

Penalties are applied for the following reasons:

Do you qualify for Penalty Abatement?

You may be eligible for Penalty Abatement if special circumstances prevented you from paying your past due taxes or your business had an unusual loss due to circumstances beyond your control.
The law allows a penalty to be removed or reduced for ‘reasonable cause’.

The Tax Consultants at Donald Graf & Associates can help to qualify you for Penalty Abatement and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to either have the penalties and interests reduced or even eliminated all together.

We work with you to provide proper documentation and a detailed description to prove “reasonable cause”.

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